Useful Links

Below are a few links to charities, societies, websites, media and causes that I personally find useful.

  1. Earthlings American documentary film about humankind’s total dependence on animals for economic purposes. WARNING: extremely hard-hitting, distressing and upsetting viewing. Viewer discretion advised.
  2. Cruelty Free International Home of Cruelty Free International – learn about the issues, cruelty-free shopping and what you can do to help stop animal experiments.
  3. The Vegetarian Society  The home of the Vegetarian Society. Find information on going veggie, health and nutrition tips, recipes, advice and lots more.
  4. Soi Dog Foundation  A Thai charity based in Phuket, whose mission is to improve the welfare of cats and dogs. Find out how to help/adopt.
  5. Veganuary  A place to find out all about Veganuary including recipes, eating out and where you can get a vegan starter kit.
  6. Meat Free Monday Find out how to reduce your meat intake by cutting it out just one day a week.
  7. No Meat Athlete Running vegan Matt Frazier’s site. Inspirational articles, gear, recipes and more.
  8. World Animal Protection Find out about campaigns, ways to help and more.
  9. Barnivore Vegan beer, wine and liquor guide. Find out if your favourite tipple is vegan.
  10. PETA PETA UK. The issues, petitions and more.
  11. Vegan store One stop vegan shop online.
  12. The Body Shop For Leaping Bunny certified cosmetics, skin-care products and more.